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Hamsters are originally from the Middle East and southeastern Europe. There are 24 different types of hamsters in the world today. Our gallery contains some of the most popular types, readily available in pet stores.


The most popular is the Syrian Hamster, which is also known as the "Golden Hamster" or "Teddy Bear Hamster". Discovered in the Syrian Desert in 1930 they were brought to North America in 1938. Since then, their popularity has grown and they are now one of the most commonly owned house pet world wide. Pet stores also have taken to calling them "Honey Bears," "Panda bears," "Black bears," "European Black bears," "Polar Bears," and "Dalmatian," depending on their coloration.

Hamster Family: Cricetidae
Scientific names:
Giant Hamsters Cricetus auratus European Field Hamster(Black-bellied Hamster)
Medium Hamsters: Mesocricetus auratus Golden Medium Hamster
(Syrian Golden, Checkered Golden, Beige Golden, Russian, Longhaired Golden (Angora), and Teddy (Satin)
Dwarf Hamsters: Phodopus campbelli Campbell's Russian Hamster (Djungarian Hamster)
Phodopus sungorus - Desert Hamster
(Roborovskii Hamster)
Phodopus sungorus - Syberian Hamster
(Russian Winter White Hamster)
Cricetulus griseus - Chinese Hamster

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