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An important fact about hamsters is their solitary nature. Although they are raised as part of a litter, once they reach around 10 weeks of age, they will generally not tolerate the company of other hamsters.

All about hamsters - charcter

If caged together adult males will fight, and sometimes kill one another. The breeding male must be removed from the litter. The exception is dwarf hamsters, which are happy to live with other hamsters of the same sex.

Syrian hamsters (Golden hamster) are normally docile, especially with people; they react well to being handled. However, they are very territorial and will fight to the death if kept with other hamsters, so an important rule of Golden Hamster is "one hamster, one cage".

Hamsters are great pets because they're easy to handle, do not bite (if properly handled or tamed), are inexpensive pets to purchase and have low lifetime cost. They do not need much space or big cages, compared to rabbits or guinea pigs, and are easy to keep. Their diets are easily satisfied and they are hardy and resistant to disease.

Nocturnal in nature, hamsters sleep during the day and wake up in the evening; they are most active at night.

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