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  Easy Access to Water!
• The design of our clever new water bottle makes it easy for you to fill and for your hamster to drink.
• Designed to be away from your hamster's living area so his living space can stay dry.
• The water bottle's location can be changed and more than one water source can be added in the Habitrail® OVO system.
• The Habitrail® OVO Water bottle is designed with a stainless steel nozzle and provides water by gravity only; the hamster doesn't need to push a ball to access its water.
• The Water Bottle should be cleaned and refilled on a daily basis. To fill the water bottle, remove the stainless steel nozzle and fill the reservoir with water. Replace the stainless steel nozzle, turn right side up (so nozzle is pointed downwards) over the sink and shake in an up and down motion 3 times to allow vacuum to form, insert into water bottle support.

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