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Pet Care - exercise
You can use treats and tidbits to help you to tame your hamster and win his trust. By feeding him with your hand, he will begin to associate you with nice things.

Pet Care - exercise

In the wild, hamsters forage for food and often run many miles each night. They don't have to do this in a habitat and so need other forms of exercise to keep them fit, healthy and happy and prevent them from getting overweight. The items in his home should provide your hamster with lots of opportunities to explore, climb and scramble in and out of holes and tunnels.

Hamster wheels
Habitrail® OVO habitats, Habitrail® OVO Pad and Habitrail® OVO Suite have a built-in wheel, so your hamster will enjoy running around in it and will run up to 6 to 8 kilometers (four or five miles) a day.

Around the house
Once your hamster is tame enough to be handled, he will enjoy playing outside his home in your house. Make sure that the area you let your hamster explore is safe. Hamsters like to gnaw constantly so move electrical cables and houseplants, as these may be poisonous. Hamsters love climbing but if they fall, even from as low as one meter, they could seriously injure themselves, so don't let your hamster climb outside his home.

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