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Pet Care - did you know

Pet Care - did you know

Did you know that hamsters sometimes put their babies in their cheek pouches to keep them safe if they feel threatened?

Did you know that hamsters have nerves at the base of their whiskers that sense the size of opening spaces?

Did you know that female hamsters are smellier than male hamsters?

Did you know that a hamster's heart beats 400 times a minute when active and only 4 times per minutes when hibernating?

Did you know that you should never give hamsters raw wood pieces to chew because they could splinter and cause damage to their digestive tract?

Did you know that a hamster will puff out their cheeks to scare off animals?

Did you know that a hamster's best sense is their smell?

Did you know that the normal color of a hamster's teeth is yellow?

Did you know that baby hamsters are called pups?

Did you know that hamsters can flatten their ribs? That's why they are so good at traveling in the trails.

Did you know that hamster's teeth constantly grow because they do not have roots?

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